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Amaury Goguel is a Scientific Director for the MSc Financial Markets & Investments (MSc.FMI. Ranked in the TOP10 worldwide by the Financial Times) at SKEMA-BS in Paris campus since March 2015. Before, he was head of the MSc in Corporate Financial Management (CFM).

Graduated from divers Master degree whom the College of Europe (Bruges), Paris 1 Sorbonne and Complutense university (Madrid), he had several responsibilities in European consultancy and in Political parties. He was finally driven into academic sector after a PHD hold in 2016 about airline sector and regulatory policy impact assessment. Before joining Skema, he taught some lectures in Paris 1 Sorbonne, Lille 1 university about industrial economics and International Financial Economics. His expertise goes from law regulation to economic science, including international and global finance (currencies, commodities, international firm financing, central banking…)

Citizenship: French

Qualification: Academically Qualified



Doctorat (PhD) with honors (“très honorable”). University of Lille-Nord. Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM). 02/2016.


  • Etienne BILLETTE DE VILLEMEUR, Professor Lille 1 and Toulouse School of Economics (X-89 and ENSAE),  Jury President.
  • Stephane VIGEANT, Professor Lille 1, Deputy director Lille Economics & Management Laboratory (LEM). Thesis supervisor.
  • Claude MATHIEU, Professeur des universités à l’UPEC, Paris Est Créteil. Rapporteur
  • Dominique TORRE, Professor & Director of Demos laboratory. University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis GREDEG-CNRS. Rapporteur
  • Mme Helen BOLLAERT, Professor at Skema Business School, Dean of Research, Suffragant.

College of Europe. Bruges, Promotion « Marie Curie »  ELEA: European Law and Economic Analysis, 2012

Master. Hautes Etudes Juridiques et Politique de l'Union Européenne. Paris 1 Sorbonne. 2011.

Licenciaturia : University of Complutense. Madrid, 2010.

Master 2 International Law. Institut du Droit de la Paix et du Développement (IDPD),  Law in International Business, 2010.

Master 2. SKEMA Business School, specialization in finance, 2009.

Master 2 (research/DEA). International Finance & Banking Management. GREDEG (CNRS). Nice University, 2009.

Concours Général. Geography (Lycée Hoche), Versailles, 2003.



University & Business Schools


  • Lecturer at SKEMA. MSc FMI (Financial Markets & Investments) & CFM (Corporate Financial Management)
  • Lecturer in "Economics and Finance" Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Paris.
  • Lecture in MBway Business School (2014).
  • Lecture in Polytechnic school (X) about Airline policy (2014).


  • Lecturer in SKEMA. MSc FMI & CFM, Skema Business School Paris programs


  • In charge of "International Economic Relations: money & finance" course.  Amphitheater.  L3 students in Economics & Management. Lille 1 University.

2011- 2012

  • Conference teaching at Lille 1 University

2010 – 2011

  • Assistant Teacher at Paris 1 Sorbonne.  "L3 /Micro-economics and industrial economics"

Teachings In Financial Management

  • Governance & Regulation (ISG. 2015)
  • Central Banking & International Economics (SKEMA-FMI. 2016)
  • Currency Prediction (SKEMA-FMI. 2016)
  • Firm Strategic Decision Assessment (MBWay/ SKEMA-ESDEM. 2014)
  • International Financial Economics (SKEMA-FM. 2014I)
  • International Corporate Financing (SKEMA-CFM. 2015)
  • Financial Math (SKEMA-ESDEM. 2016)
  • Business Simulation Game (SKEMA-ESDEM. 2016)

Teachings in Economics

  • What should be the new objectives of monetary policy for Central Banks? Modern Central Banking theories (ISG. 2015)
  • Is the fiscal harmonization, a true challenge for EU? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is there an economic convergence within the Euro-zone area? (ISG. 2015)
  • How to tax financial transactions? (ISG. 2015)
  • Are PIGS countries responsible for the debt crisis in Europe? (ISG. 2015)
  • Which budgetary policy for France in the European framework? (ISG. 2015)
  • Are austerity policies a solution to the crisis? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is an offer policy necessary for growth? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is inflation a solution to overcome the current economic crisis? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is China capable to rebalance its economic growth? (ISG. 2015)
  • Unbalances of the international monetary system? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is the euro over-valued? (ISG. 2015)
  • Which industrial policy to lead? (ISG. 2015)
  • Is price competitivity the main issue? (ISG. 2015)
  • Main challenges of the labor markets reforms? (ISG. 2015)
  • Which are the main Rating agencies weaknesses? (ISG. 2015)
  • Money/Finance (Lille 1. 2014)
  • Conférences de method (Lille 1. 2013)
  • International Economic Relationships (Lille 1. 2013).

 Corporate Activities

  • Jury member. College of Europe concours (for the Economic Department). French Ministry of International Affairs  (2016- 2017). 
  • Scientific Director. MSc Financial Markets & Investments, SKEMA Business School (2014- today)
  • Scientific Director for the MSc Corporate Financial Management, SKEMA Business School (August, 2014 - 2015), Paris, France.
  • GOGUEL conseil. Micro-entreprise. Consultant-instructor for corporate training to financial certifications…
  • Board Member at the Administrative Council of College of Europe (September, 2011 - August, 2012), Bruges, Belgium.
  • Consultancy in European and Financial Affairs (European Commission). 2010-2012
  • Consultant for KMPG/IAMTE. 2009
  • Business development and regulation, ESIC (2008), Madrid, Spain.
  • Financial Management, BVT / VIRBAC (2007), Toulon, France


Intellectual contributions

 Working papers

  • How to screen ETF products to get an investment strategy alternative to fixed income? with Dispas Christophe, Lanzi Thomas, Pascail Hugo.
  • Bilateral relashionships between airlines and airports: toward a new antitrust immunity? With Vigeant  Stephane and Miera Maxence.

Academic Conferences and Workshops

  • Goguel, A. (2015, December). From bilateral relationship between airlines and airports: a new antitrust outlook. Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Law & Economics, Napoli, Italy.
  • Goguel. A (2014. Décembre). Utilité et perversité des marchés financiers (conférence publique avec Michel Musolino). Paris.
  • Goguel. A (2014. July). “Imperfect Competition and Vertical Integration in Airline Industry”. Center for Competition & Regulatory Policy (CCRP). 18th Workshop. Barcelona. Spain.
  • Goguel, A. (2014). Bilateral relationships between airlines and airports: toward a new antitrust immunity. Workshop CCRP, London, United Kingdom.
  • Goguel, A. & Badinet, A. (2012). Inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS system. ELEA Symposium, Bruges, Belgium.


  • Country risk assessment today in the globalized markets. Palgrave edition. Michel Henry Bouchet, Charles A. Fishkin, and Amaury Goguel (pending)
  • Le Transport Aérien : Regards croisés sur un secteur en pleine mutation
  • Coordonnée par Amaury Goguel, Benjamin Lehiany et Paul Chiambaretto (pending)

Committee/Task Force

  • 2016: Member of CENA community: Coopetition/Ecosystems/Networks/Alliances.
  • 2016: UDI (political party). Member of the “Dominique Baudis” promotion (LDD program to shape the Party future leaders).
  • 2016: Member of “Droit & Croissance” (Think tanks for a transversal approach between Law, Economics and Finance).


  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Intermediate level
  • French: Mother tong